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Novelbeautytips.com is developed to corroborate the medieval beauty tips and bring forward there positive vibes and present them before the contemporary world. The beauty tips listed under novelbeautytips.com have been researched thoroughly and are put forward for you people to try them out. It is assured that the natural beauty tips mentioned in this website have no side-effects. These have been used for centuries by our ancestors for having a beautiful,flawless and glowing skin.

Here you would find all the natural, ayurvedic & home-made tips  listed at one place. The beauty tips will be made available to you in each and every possible way such as :-

Beauty tips for hair

Beauty tips for skin

Beauty tips for face

Beauty tips for lips

Beauty tips for teeth and so on.

The natural Home made beauty tips listed at novelbeautytips.com have listed beauty tips which use natural fruits,vegetables and other organic beauty products to help one have a beautiful,glowing,flawless and smooth skin.For example, a fruit base facial mask requires nothing more than few fruits to give you fair and glowing skin.

Novelbeautytips.com shall provide you SPA at Home services. Really, we mean it. The various facial scrubs mentioned in websites will help you have great facial spas at your comfort zone without stepping out of your homes. Just try any natural, ayerveda facial mentioned in the beauty tips and feel the change.


Are you feeling the wrath of chemical shampoos? If yes, then here you will find many ways to get rid of these Shampoos. We promise you to give smooth,shining and strong hair if you follow the hair care tips mentioned at Novelbeautytips.com


Novelbeautytips.com also mentions Skin care tips which will help you to have smooth, flawless skin. Here you would also find mention of some contemporary products that has found a sound place in the market. These skin products if used according to the guidelines can help solve many skin problems like acne etc.

And at last we would also try to bring the Grannies tips for various minor beauty flaws. Even you could feel free to suggest us few granny tips by emailing us at :admin@novelbeautytips.com

We shall be waiting for your views! Till then enjoy browsing our Beauty tips.



Novel Beauty Tips Team.