How to Diminish the Dark Circles

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Dark Circles are every woman’s nemesis. Indeed, it’s not just lack of sleep that will cause these extra-special shadows to appear. We can also thank our grand-mothers – as this can be genetic, allergy and aging, which can cause these dark circles. Small and not very dark, dark circles can be covered with foundation.

To remove bigger and darker dark-circles, you can follow the here mentioned steps:

Locate the Problem:

Dark circles rarely form all the way underneath the eyes. If you sending them a cease and desist, you have to find them first. Look straight into the mirror and then slowly tilt your chin down and suddenly the circles will pop out. The dark circles are those half-moons of blueness beginning right above the tear duct, close to the nose.


The pinky finger is nature’s little dark circle-concealing tool. It fits perfectly in that half-moon area. Dab a peachy-toned concealer, to counteract the blue-green circle, onto the side of your pinky and tab it right into the dark area.  Don’t extend the concealer into the temple area. The only thing you should be using in that area is eye-treatment products or foundation.



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