Neck Makeup and neck skin care

Don’t ignore the Neck Makeup and Neck Skin Care

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Neck Makeup & Neck Skin Care !!

Looking gorgeous and getting the heads turned to you, fascinates every women. But it is not so easy to get that gorgeous look. You have to take care of your skin, makeup, dresses, accessories, etc. Mostly women are good at taking care of face skin and makeup– specially on face. They ignore the neck makeup and care for n’ skin, which makes the n’ skin look different from face skin. Generally this makes it look little darker than face, which looks ugly. Unhealthy n’ skin looks unpleasant to others.

Here is the answer to your Neck Makeup and Neck Skin Care worries:

  1. To get the fair skin tone of neck, wash it whenever you wash your face. At least in morning & Evening or whenever you are at home.
  2. Whenever you clean (by using the scrub, cleansing milk, etc) the face, it is recommended to do the same for neck as well.
  3. Use soft products for neck skin care similar to the ones you are using on your face.
  4. Neck Makeup is one of the ignored area by most women. This makes it look darker than your face generally, which is not a good sign for looking gorgeous.
  5. Apply the base on neck as well, along with your face. And then apply the other makeup to make the skin look fair and brighten.
  6. Avoid wearing the ornaments regularly around the neck. This leads to dark lines around the neck.
  7. Take off the ornaments at night.
  8. At night while removing the makeup from face, always remove the makeup from neck as well. if you will not remove the makeup at night, it may lead to development of fine lines / wrinkles, which gives you an aged look.

Stay tuned for more neck makeup & neck skin care tips !



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