Do you Know ? What to do before waxing ?

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Do you Know ? what to do before Waxing !!

Waxing is one of the most used technique for getting away from unwanted hair from body. Girls get  waxed to remove unwanted hair from all over the body. It is not used for removing hair from face, instead bleach and other techniques are used. So before getting waxed, you must know what you should do before waxing.

What to do before Waxing:

  1. Always clean the body parts properly that you are going to get waxed. Best to take bath just before going. Avoid getting waxed after a hectic day at work.
  2. Make sure that the hands of person doing wax should be clean. Gloves, used by beautician should be new and un-used.This will helps in avoiding any chance of skin allergy.
  3. Wax should be from a trusted brand. Always go to a good parlour.
  4. It is good to do scrub before going to get waxed; do scrub a day before.
  5. Check the skin before you go for waxing. Broken skin, inflammation, Cuts on skin, etc, need to be healed first. If you have any moles,  please point them to aesthetician so that the same can be protected. This is the most important tip to follow for what do to before waxing.
  6. Let the hair grow enough to get it gripped into the wax. If the hair are short then the wax will not be able to get it out all once. More long hair will also make it tough for wax to get all in once as well as it will be more painful also. Two to three weeks on hair growth is fine if you have normal hair growth.

Stay tuned to know more about what to do before waxing !

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