wheat bran benefits for skin

Wheat Bran benefits for Skin

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Wheat Bran benefits for Skin !!

What is left over after wheat grains are refined is called WHEAT BRAN. It is rich in protein, B Vitamins, and Minerals. It is a good source of non-soluble fibre as well.

Wheat Bran benefits for Skin:

  1. Combats Signs of Ageing: It helps hydrate mature skin and protect from free-radical damage. Research has shown that wheat bran is also a source of the free-radical fighting ferulic acid- a substance valued is anti-ageing face products.
  2. Conditions and Soothes Skin: It gently cleanses and adds an emollient quality to products for sensitive skin, eczema, and psoriasis.
  3. Protects from the Sun: UV-absorbing properties in wheat bran can help to protect the skin during sun exposure. Always suggested to test on a small patch first.
  4. Helps in Digestion of food: It helps in digestion of food properly by moving the food through digestive tract efficiently.
  5. Antioxidants Properties: It has antioxidant properties and rich in vitamins as well. This benefits to skin for becoming & looking healthy.

Wheat Bran extracted from different countries may have different properties and subsequently wheat bran benefits for skin. Above mentioned wheat bran benefits for skin are the common observed benefits. Wheat Bran is used in exfoliating products.

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