Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

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Skin type is something that you can’t change ! Yes, but you can maintain it by its way.

Dry Skin will be less moisturized and will be looking very rough and dull. A required level of moisture should be always maintained. If it is maintained by skin or body itself then it is good. But dry skin will never be able to maintain that moisture and that is the reason of skin to become dry.

Follow these daily beauty tips to maintain the skin and body moisture.

  1. Use bath oils and body wash gel while taking bath. Avoid soaps as much as possible. For face use face wash specially made for dry skin. Use face wash only when your are taking bath. Better to use simple water while washing face during other time of day. Using face wash every time you washed your face should be avoided.
  2. Use moisturizers after taking bath. Use moisturizers at least one time and the best time is after taking bath when your skin is still damp. Use the moisturizers of brand that you trust. It’s always better to use good brand products, may be little expensive. Use moisturizers for complete body.
  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to increase the moisture in dry skin. Always carry a water bottle while travelling. Better to take a bottle of water on your desk while in office. Then it’s easy to remember to drink water.
  4. Eat the foods rich with protein. Vitamin A & C are good for skin. So eat the foods that contain these vitamins, such as carrots & apricots. Avoid to have alcohol and caffeine as they cause skin to loss fluids which leads to dry skin.
  5. For severely dry and etching skin, use the baby oil or coconut oil. Use moisturizers regularly on daily basis. Petroleum jelly is good for dry hands. There are many oil based moisturizers available in market, so use them regularly.



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