7 Beauty Tips to Get Clear Skin

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Clear and glowing skin is always dreamt by every girl. Some have God gifted while others are struggling to get clear skin. You can have a lot of improvement in your skin tone by adopting some basic beauty tips.

Here are 7 beauty tips that will help you to get clear skin !

clear skin
clear and glowing skin
  1. Drink Lemon water every day. Drinking lemon water in morning will help you to get clear skin.
  2. Give yourself some quiet time to meditate daily. Meditation helps a lot ! Besides this, it will also give other health benefits.
  3. Drinking Juice everyday will make your skin vibrant and lustrous.
  4. Do exercise daily. You can take one day off in a week
  5. Dilute apple cider vinegar in a little water and apply it as toner.
  6. Eat more vegges. It will make your skin glowing.
  7. Use moisturizer daily, At least never miss it in winters.



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