6 Skin care tips for Men

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1. Cleanse your Skin

Most of the men have the problem of oily skin. They experience this even in the winters. So before shaving one should take care to wash your face with facial soap/face wash and then apply the razor. This is because, the oily skin blocks the pores and makes the movement of razor difficult.

2. Getting ready for Shave 

After the cleansing of face, wash your face with warm water as this will open up the pores and help in smooth shaving. After washing your face, apply some pre-shaving cream or gel to keep the skin moist and warm.

3. The Better Shave

To have a better shave, just try shaving in a shower. The shower will open out the pores and moisture will give you a smooth shave.

4. Hair Growth

For smooth shaving, follow the hair growth; This will be less irritating then shaving against the growth of hair.

5. Choose the right Razor

One should be careful that ones razor does not cause any irritation. You may have a single blade razor or multi-blade razor but the important thing is that one should be comfortable with the razor.

6.  Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer would smoothen your skin and you would experience a wonderful shave everyday with razor running smoothly. Look for moisturizers with natural hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter or essential oils.



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