5 Steps To Outsmart Sun’s Harmful Rays

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Sun is giving the life to earth by giving it the energy in the form of heat and light, mainly. At the same time it radiates some harmful rays as well which are mainly stopped by atmosphere around the earth. But at some places because of thin layer, with specific properties, like Ozone layer, those rays reach at earth. This can cause health hazardous to human beings. Common skin problems are sun burn, etching, redness, etc. To avoid these skin problems, you must have to take care of skin from sun’s harmful rays.

Here are some basic steps to outsmart the sun’s harmful rays:

  1. Sunscreen: There are so many sunscreens available in the market. Buy the one that suits you from a good brand. Always apply sunscreen before going out. UV radiation reaches the earth in the form of UVB and UVA rays. UVB radiation plays a key role in skin cancer, and SPF refers mainly to the amount of UVB protection a sunscreen offers. Thus, higher SPFs can help: An SPF 15 sunscreen blocks 93 percent of UVB radiation, while an SPF 30 sunscreen blocks nearly 97 percent.
  2. Avoid Direct Sun Rays: It’s the best way to avoid the problems. If you are prone to skin problems because of sun light / rays, then better avoid going into direct sun light as much as possible.
  3. Wear Hat: One other way is to carry a hat with you while going out. You can wear the hat whenever you are going in direct sun light. This protects your face from getting in contact with direct sun light.
  4. Tinted Window Glass: Make the window glasses of your car dark-tinted colored. This blocks the direct sun light up to good extend.
  5. Wear Full Clothes: Walking toward your partner from sea side while wearing the bikini is mind blowing!  It’s good to do at some special moments but limited times only. In all other times, when you know that you have to go out under direct sun light then try to wear clothes that covers your body as much as possible. Good to cover the body with clothes even if you are using sunscreen as well.

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