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Simplest Nail Art Design for Attractive Nails !

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Nail Art !

It is  history now to use the same color of nail paint that is matching with your dress. Girls today prefer contrast colors to make it more trendy and eye-catching.  Using the same color as of dress, is not considered as nail art any more ! It is the fashion statement that you will carry with you.

There can be many new and creative ideas that you can apply to get the sexy & attractive looking nails, but still there are some simple and easy to apply ideas that can get to it. To look trendy, you have to show some creativeness. Nail art is all about the creativeness that you can come-up to make your nails more attractive and sexy.

One simple Idea of getting attractive nails is to use the different shades of paint. You can use two different shades. First choose the color that you want to use more. Make sure these are in contrast to get more attractive & sexy nails. For example you can use Dark Pink & Golden shade of paint. Apply the main paint color on all nails except the first finger of both hands. Prefer Pink shade in this case. And then apply the golden color nail-paint to first finger of both hands. This will give you very attractive nails.  It’s better to use the main color (pink in this example) in synchronization  with the other makeup that you have done.



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