Healthy Nails – 5 Tips for Nail Care

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Our finger nails are made of protein called keratin. It’s equally important to take care of nails as any other body part. Trimming, cutting of nails and giving them beautiful shape is very important to give your hands beautiful look. The health of nails play more important role to define the beauty of nails in addition to the shape that you will get after cutting or trimming. For healthy nails, you need to take care of them regularly.

Some basic tips to keep keep your nails healthy:

  1. Cut Nails: Before cutting your nails, it’s good to soak them in water for some time. Then it will be easy to cut without cracking. If you don’t have time for soaking the nails then best way is to cut your nails after bath. Use sharp nail scissor. Round the nails slightly at the tips for looking good and strength.
  2. Do Not Bite Nails: Never bite the nails. doing so can damage the nails. It is harmful for your health, because there can be infectious bacteria in them.  It will make them out of shape also.
  3. Moisturize Regularly: Nails will get also dehydrated just like your skin. So moisturize them regularly. If you are using nail polish remover on them regularly, then applying moisturizer is even more important. While applying the moisturizer to your skin, add a bit to your nails as well
  4.  Healthy Diet: Healthy diet is the key to improve the shine and make nails more healthy.  Eat calcium rich food for healthy nails. Vitamin D is good for healthy nail growth.
  5. Clean Your Nails: Like nay other parts of body, it’s must to clean the nails. Specially after doing gardening, chemical contact, cloth washing etc. Dip your nails in freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed in normal water. You can cut the lemon and rub gently on nails. Wash them after that with lukewarm water.



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