Have You Tried Spray-On Nail Polish

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There is a totally new way to apply nail polish. Thanks to team at Nails Inc. that created a new formula that’s supposed to be attached to your nails but not to your skin. It got launched in November’15 in the U.K. and has been in high demand since. This newest invention is something entirely different.

Spray-On Nail Polish
Spray-On Nail Polish

You have to just apply the base coat on your nails. Then you can spray the spray-on nail polish on your nails directly for around 20 seconds. And then follow with top coat. Your hands will also end up covered in paint. But once the top coat has dried this can be removed with warm water or even with face wipes.

“It’s easy, quick and most importantly, fun !!”  as mentioned in December issue of Vogue. 

You can opt for silver or pink color.



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