5 Do’s for Healthy Nails !

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Nails are very important part of our body, so don’t consider them only as a piece of decoration. Growing healthy and strong nails are not very difficult, but you have to give time for caring them. New cells of nails develop deep under the cuticle and push out the older, dead ones – forming those flat, hard surface that you love to pamper and polish. So you should take care of some do’s in your daily life to make sure to grow healthy nails.

Do’s for Nail Care:

  1. Be Cautious of Chemicals in Nail Products: Those pretty shades of nails polish that you like the most, may be loaded with dangerous chemicals. So always try to find nail polish that have very less chemicals or devoid of all. One example of 5-free nail polish is Lippman’s nail polish. Always use nail products from trusted brands only. Don’t try new products on all nails without pre-testing on some part of nail or at one nail. Check the labels properly to know about the formula or ingredients of products before buying them.
  2. Take Care of Cuticles:  Cuticles are meant to be there to act as a barrier for bacteria.  So never cut your cuticles. Rather than cutting the cuticles, it’s better to push them back gently by using the cuticle pusher. Apply the products liberally to nails where skin meets the nails. It’s very important to take care of cuticles for healthy nails.
  3. Do Eat a Well-Balanced Diet: Nails are made from protein, so first thing that you can do is to add something in diet that have sufficient protein content. A well balanced diet is first stone in building the healthy body. To have healthy and strong nails try to have a well balanced diet. Never skip the meals.
  4. Keep Nails Hydrated: Water is main input to keep our body healthy and the same is very true for nails as well, as the nails are part of our body too. So keep them well hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is best way to keep the complete body hydrated.
  5. Clean the Nails Regularly: As we are cleaning our body by taking bath, washing face by using face-wash or scrub daily, in the same way we need to clean the nails as well. Clean the nails after doing any activity which caused some harm to nails, like gardening, contact with chemicals etc. You can use lemon slices to rub on nails to get them cleaned and then wash with lukewarm water. While washing the hands always wash the nails properly.

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