5 Don’ts for Healthy Nails !

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Healthy nails are part of healthy body, you can be a girl or boy, but healthy body is always dreamed and demanded. Nails are main source of strength, mainly the finger ends. Looking beautiful is little bit different from looking healthy. Makeup can make your nails look beautiful but not healthy. So it is very important to take care of nails to make them healthy.


There are many things that you need to avoid to make your nails healthy. 5 most important things to avoid are shared here:

Don’ts for Healthy Nails:

  1. Don’t Bite Nails: Biting nails is a very bad habit which causes damage to nail beds as well as exposes you to many types of bacteria and dirt. This can cause some serious infections too. It also causes bad shape of nails as well.
  2. Don’t Use Nails as Tool: Never try to use the nails as tools to open the letter’s or pick things, poke etc. All these can cause harm to nails. Using nails as screw driver can cause severe damage to nails.
  3. Don’t Cut the Cuticles: Cuticles are very important for healthy nail growth. Never cut the cuticles.¬†Cuticles¬†are major barrier that protects the nail.
  4. Don’t expose Nails to Harm Chemicals: We are doing daily activities that may involves some chemicals that are harmful for nails and hands. So try to avoid the direct contact with all those chemicals. Better to use the gloves whenever you are involved in such type of activities.
  5. Don’t Delay to React toward Problems: There may be any type of allergy to nails from nail products or products used for daily activity while working in kitchen, garden etc. So whenever you feel that there is some allergy or problem to nails, then its better to consult the doctor immediately. It’s always better to get your nails treated in time.

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