what beauty products should i use?

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We should go for using the right products. If more of us refuse to buy toxic products and transform our beauty routine, manufacturers will quickly get the message that using industrial chemicals in beauty products is not acceptable.

1. Simplify Your Routine

Use fewer products daily and be choosy about what you use.

2. Choose certified organic cosmetics

These help you avoid the worst cosmetic offenders, which are simply not allowed under organic rules. But watch out for the organic “pretenders”- those products that have a small percentage of organic ingredients in an otherwise toxic mix of synthetic chemicals. Only a product carrying a certified organic stamp is guaranteed to be free of these.

3. Try Natural Fragrances

Look for products that are fragranced with essential oils rather than those that use generic “parfum”, which is usually synthetic.

4. Make Your Own Beauty Products

A satisfying and creative pastime, making your own beauty products may also be good for your health. Not only can you tailor the ingredients to your personal needs, but you can also be absolutely sure of what goes into them.

5. Never Experiment

Avoid experimenting new products on your skin. Always use recommended products from skin experts or salons. If you can’t resist experimenting the new products, try applying it on hands, feet etc.

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