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Natural Beauty ! You Must Know about it !!

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Natural Beauty !!

We humans are blessed with a lot of good things by GOD and one of them is the Natural Beauty that we have because of our features and looks. We love to get appreciation for anything that we do, and best is to get appreciated for looks that are given by GOD. Of course ! it requires a lot of efforts to maintain that beauty.

Here we will discuss about how to look beautiful naturally without wearing heavy makeup:

  1. You must know which is the best feature that you have and you should appreciate that. Try to focus on that part of face, be it eyes, nose, lips, etc.
  2. Never try to hide the natural beauty with the heavy makeup.
  3. Always make sure to high light the best part of you. This can be done by not highlighting the others.
  4. Know your skin colour/tone, and use the tricks & tips for beauty accordingly.
  5. Never try to use makeup products made from harsh chemicals. These can destroy your natural beauty.
  6. It is Best to use home made beauty products like Aloveera, almond oil, honey, cucumber, milk, etc. Home made products with these natural ingredients are very effective and safe for use.
  7. Use home made face packs, made with all natural ingredients to protect natural beauty.



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