honey benefits for skin

honey benefits for skin

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Honey benefits for skin!

Beautiful Bee Ingredients
Bees are remarkable creatures. They are responsible for pollinating around 85 % of the world’s food crops. They also make honey, wax and propolis, all of which have been regarded as skin healers for thousands of years. All three ingredients are valued for their moisturizing, antiseptic and skin-conditioning properties. You can use it for everything, from face mask to wound healer.
Honey(Mel Mellis)

Heals Cuts, scrapes and Bruises: Honey is a natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which is partly responsible for its healing properties. Medical-grade honey is used widely to treat wounds of all kinds-from minor cuts and scalds to skin ulcers.
Acts as an antiseptic: It is a traditional remedy for infected acne spots. The benefits of honey are also being researched in the fight against a strain of bacteria called MRSA.
Repairs and Protects skin: Honey is a natural humectants(a substance that attracts and retains moisture), honey makes a good addition to skin-care products, especially those meant for sensitive skin.

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