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You must know which Lipstick Colour is good for Rainy Season

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Lipstick Colour for Rainy Season !!

When it comes to wear the lipstick, usually ladies try to match the colour of lipstick with their dresses or will try to make contrast with it. This is a good way to choose shade for lipstick but not the best for rainy season. Some of you may not agree but this is the reality that makeup in rainy season is more difficult and needs more attention. After all you have to look more sexy when the weather is already in romantic mood.

Try to use lipstick shades with matte look rather than glossy ones for rainy season.

Here we will discuss the best lipstick colour for rainy season:

  1. Dark Pink: Dark pink is the colour that girls love to use for lipstick. In rainy season try to use matte finish lipsticks. Dark Pink colour is good to go with in rainy season. dark pink lipstick colour
  2. Baby Pink: Baby Pink Colour lipstick is best to go with if you have smaller and thinner lips. This will not highlight your lips and you can focus on other part of face like eyes or cheeks for makeup.
  3. Peach Colour: First apply the peach colour’s lip liner to give shape to lips, then fill the same with Peach Colour Lipstick. Peach is the best choice for lipstick colour for rainy season.


  4. Red Colour: Red Colour is the other best colour of lipstick to use in any season. This is a must to have in your makeup kit. You can use Red lipstick for party time to give your lips more sexy look.


These were the best lipstick colour for rainy season, although you can try some other shades depending upon the makeup you have opted on your face or the occasion of your party. Save the lip gloss for other days and don’t use it in rainy season. Matte look is suggested by beauty experts and there is no harm to try it out to look more gorgeous.

Choosing the right lipstick colour for rainy season is an art !

Stay tuned for more makeup tips for rainy season !



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