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Why You Should Wear Less MAKEUP to Look More ATTRACTIVE ?

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Wearing Less Makeup to Look More Attractive !!

In today’s competitive world, you must look attractive and charming all the time.  But the busy schedule makes it very difficult to spend quality time on your makeup and looks that it deserves. Looking beautiful and attractive is not easy. As there are many makeup products coming in market time to time, so it is very necessary to be updated with them. To look trendy and attractive, one must be aware of trends getting followed in the town.

You can look more attractive by wearing less makeup. Of Course ! Yes, You can look more attractive and beautiful without wearing heavy makeup. We will share with you the simple tips that will make it happen.

It is right that Men do not prefer and get less attracted toward women wearing heavy makeup, but that doesn’t means that Men like no-makeup. They do like makeup but less makeup.

Looking beautiful is not about the artificial beauty but more about the actual natural beauty. Makeup can enhance the beauty but can’t create it. Wearing right dress can get you more complements.

Tips to look more attractive and beautiful with less makeup:

  1. You must keep reminding yourself that its not the only way to look attractive & beautiful. So try the other one – Dress, accessories, self confidence, etc.
  2. Focus on the features of you face / looks, that are most attractive. Let them work for you instead of makeup.
  3. Less makeup is far better to enhance the beauty of those features and make them look more beautiful. So don’t try to wear heavy makeup that will actually hide the natural beauty.
  4. Make-up should be reliable to last long for complete day, and less make-up is best for that.
  5. Looking attractive is more situation specific but looking beautiful is more lovable in every situation – party, office, social gathering, etc.

Look beautiful to look attractive !!



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