What Really Needs to be Done to Your Makeup Kit on This New Year’s Start

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Your makeup kit/bag can have too much stuff or too less stuff depending upon the choices and your taste of wearing makeup. So with the fresh start of a new year, it’s time to have a look at your makeup kit as well.

Here are some basic tips to give a fresh start to your makeup kit !

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  • Have a look at every product in your makeup kit and check the expiry date. The products with expiry date are near or already gone and should not be part of your makeup kit anymore. So exclude them immediately from your makeup kit.
  • Most of the time we are buying same type of products from different brands for different-different reasons. But carrying all of them in our makeup kit is not necessary. Please check the products for duplication. You should have one product for one specific type. Better to keep the extra stock in backup kit.
  • Check the condition of your makeup brushes. You should have an idea about how old these are. You can replace very old one’s with new one and clean others.
  • I hope you must have all the basic makeup products in your kit already. If not, then please add the missing products. You can give priority to some products as per your choice.
  • Add at-least one new product (new color of lipstick, nail paint etc) to give a new look at the time of this new year.

Having a new makeup bag will be really great gift to yourself !



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