What is Over Makeup ? Should I Avoid It ?

Over Makeup !!

Over Makeup
Over Makeup

Makeup is something which is must to do thing. It is very essential part of young women’s  daily life.  Makeup is to give you a refreshed look, to make you look more beautiful and attractive. It can only enhance your beauty, but not create beauty.  When girls try to create beauty with the makeup, then it goes wrong in a big way, and here  comes the “over makeup”. Over make-up is when we do very heavy makeup to look beautiful, to make the face look scar-free, to make face skin tone more white than it is, etc. Every face have some unique features. We must try to play around them to look more attractive.

Should I Avoid Over Makeup ?

YES ! you must avoid doing over make-up. It will never make you more beautiful. In fact, it will hide the beauty that you have. Intelligent girls always try to look beautiful by enhancing the features that suits their face and body most, rather than focusing on make-up on face only.  The worse thing that will happen by doing over makeup , is that your face will be in contrast to the lower neck area. And that difference will define the makeup verses over make-up.

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