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Tips to take care of Eye Makeup Products in Rainy Season

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Every product that you use for makeup of eyes is required to be taken care of, as the same is getting used for makeup of the most delegate part of your body – eyes. When we are using something in routine, then chances are more to take it casually and miss some important steps which may lead to damaging of products. This may impact the outcome of makeup as well, if we are using those damaged products for makeup of eyes.

Here we will share basic tips to take care of eye makeup products in rainy season:

  1. Always keep the makeup products in dry place. In rainy season high level of humidity may damage the makeup products.
  2. After using and before storing the products, please make sure that the brushes are properly dry. Storing the products immediately after use, (mainly brushes)  is not suggested.
  3. Never share your eye make up products with anyone. Specially in rainy season, there are more chances of allergy due to unhygienic conditions.
  4. Buy new eye makeup products only after rainy season. It is the  best time to buy new products.
  5. Store the makeup products in air tight box only. Storing them in open is not recommended.

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