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Sexy Lips !! What Makes Lips Sexy ?

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Sexy Lips !! 

Hearing the word “Sexy Lips” makes us feel excited about the shape of lips – Yes ! But it’s not only the shape of lips which makes them sexy, other qualities of lips also play major role to make them sexy.

Sharp feature and good looks are GOD gifted to us. We should take care of it to maintain that good looks and attractive personality.

For attractive face, lips are main focused part along with Eye. To turn heads toward you while you are entering into a party hall, Sexy Lips with beautiful face makes it more attractive.

What Makes Lips Sexy ??

  1. Shape: Yes ! Shape plays major role to make lip look more sexy. Most attractive lips are “Top Heavy Lips” “Small Lips”.  Top Heavy Lips look more sexy with makeup. Red lipstick is best friend of these. Small Lips look sexy & attractive because of its cuteness. That lovely pout with small lips make them perfect for selfie.
    Top Heavy Lips - Sexy Lips
    Top Heavy Lips – Sexy Lips


  2. Makeup: Makeup is must to have and highlight the sexy look. Without makeup lips can never be so attractive.

    makeup for sexy lips
    makeup – Sexy! lips
  3. Juicy/Glossy Lips: Dry or cracked lips will never look attractive. Hydrated lips are best to have. Maintain the juicy looks of lips. Drink more water, apply balm with SPF, avoid pollution, etc.

    juicy lips
    juicy lips
  4. Colour: Colour of lips matters less because of many reasons, and first reason is that the makeup / lipstick colour will cover the actual colour of your lips. So don’t worry much about it. Of course the pinkish lips are best to have. It gives naturally sexy lips without any makeup.

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