Makeup Coat May be Ruining Your Natural Beauty!

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Makeup is a part of life for women in the very same way as food is. Women can never survive confidently without makeup. They are so dependent upon makeup for their gorgeous looks that they can never even imagine themselves without it

But the question is:

Do they really need that much makeup ?

Is makeup the antecedent of beauty?


You can answer these questions yourself. You can look beautiful without makeup but for that you need to take care of following things:

  1. natural beauty tips
    natural beauty tips

    Take time and stand in-front of mirror and ask yourself about your looks. You can find many attracting features on your face. At the same time you need to check what looks odd to you, probably & hopefully there will be nothing.

  2. Learn to appreciate your looks. Only you can give best compliments about your looks. Always think about those best features. And yes, you are no less then a beauty diva! You are the queen of your world
  3. With those best things on your side, you can be confident about looks. A confident face is the best face to get the heads rolling. This will give positive energy to your overall personality as well.
  4. The face pores need air to give refreshening look. So always go with a light make up coat and avoid any makeup for the already good looking part of your face.
  5. Find some days off from work and Use that time to stay in your original looks viz. without makeup. Analyzing your looks now would give you a blushing natural glow. You would be surprised to know what beauty you were hiding under the makeup earlier ?
  6. Best is to go out at least once in a week without any makeup. Make it a mantra to set Friday’s as ‘No Makeup Friday’s’.You can choose another day to use very light makeup.
  7. Eat a well balanced diet to get the natural glow on face.
  8. Avoid the stress and tension to the best you can? A stressful face never looks beautiful.
  9. Always carry a smile on your face. A simple smile can even do better than makeup to make your skin glow.
  10. Use heavy or party makeup only when going for parties but not in routine.

Hope, you will find yourself more beautiful without makeup !

stay tuned for more beauty tips !



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