Reasons to Say “NO” to Heavy Makeup

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Enhancing the beauty is always good but to certain limits! Enhancing beauty with make is art but creating totally an artificial beauty with makeup is stupidity. Looking beautiful and attractive with makeup on screens does not prove that you will look beautiful too by wearing a heavy makeup in real life. The cornucopia of makeup may not be panacea for beauty flaws.

So, You should say a big “NO”┬áto heavy makeup !

Every lady wants to look attractive and makeup is the only way to ameliorate it. But making everything heavy from head to toe is not the solution to that. So you should do the makeup as far as it gives natural feel and enhances the actual beauty.

Reasons to Say “NO” to Heavy Makeup:

  • Makeup is to enhance the beauty that you possess but not to create the beauty.
  • You should enhance one or at max two features that you think are best in your beauty. So don’t try to enhance every feature on your face. Having heavy makeup on eyes, lips, cheeks, nails will make you look ugly rather than beautiful.
  • You should wear the makeup as per the occasion. Night makeup is totally different from day time makeup. Office makeup is totally different from party makeup, and so on. So don’t go by your choice but as per occasion.
  • Makeup may not be great for your skin when used in routine and mainly when used in excess. Chemicals, used in manufacturing various products, may be harmful to your skin if used in excess.
  • To look attractive, you can wear heavy dress or heavy hair style or little bold makeup (red lipstick/eye makeup/nail paint etc). But having all things at the same time are not advised. Use any one of them and let the others go in light mood.
  • There is no harm to let the people see your natural glowing beauty !

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