Daily Makeup Tips for Rainy Season !!

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Makeup Tips for Rainy Season !

Rainy season/ Monsoon brings along with it the romantic weather and relief from hot waves. And slowly this awesome weather would lead into a humid environment as the humidity level increases. To go out for parties and daily office, it is very essential to use the right makeup during the rainy season. Makeup Tips for Rainy Season generally include the tips for daily make up mainly.

Makeup Tips for Rainy Season:

  1. Try to save the hard earned money by not spending on water proof makeup products. You can have awesome makeup with your existing make up products.
  2. Always prefer the light color makeup, mainly if you are going to office or market in routine.
  3. Don’t use the liquid foundations in rainy days or humidity days. Try to use the powder based foundations. Use as little foundation as required.
  4. Go for light color of blush and highlight the cheeks. Use the blush color as per the color of lipstick and eye liner.
  5. Best is to go for matte look for lips rather than glossy lipsticks. Save this for special party days.
  6. Use less mascara for eye makeup. Try to use only eye-liner for makeup.
  7. Best makeup tip for rainy season is to avoid to go into rain while having the make up on your face.

Stay tuned for more beauty tips & Makeup tips for rainy season !



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