Look beautiful without makeup

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Makeup is like a mask that many women are wearing daily to look beautiful. No doubt! they look beautiful with makeup. But can they imagine a day-out without makeup. Most of them will be scared to go out without makeup. Thanks to the media’s popularization of unrealistic beauty standards. There are still many ways to look beautiful even without makeup.

Here, we will discuss beauty tips to look beautiful without makeup !

Focus on your actual beauty: Everyone have different features, different looks, different fairness and skin tone. So to look beautiful, you should know your beauty. You must be aware of what is good in you. Even makeup can only enhance that features but can’t change that much. So focus on the actual beauty of your face and body.

To look beautiful without makeup, please take care of following:

  1. Feel Beautiful: To look beautiful, you have to feel beautiful from your inner thoughts. To look beautiful to others and get appreciation for that, first you have to appreciate yourself. You have to tell yourself that your are beautiful. Be confident about your face looks, features, color tone etc.
  2. Healthy Diet: Inner beauty can be maintained with the help of proper diet. So eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Take sufficient quantity of juices also. Make a routine to review your diet. You can take some expert suggestions also for the same. Drink 2 to 3 Ltr of water daily.
  3. Sufficient Sleep: To look beautiful you have to look fresh. For that you must be having sufficient sleep as per your age and work activities. better to check the related articles for sleeping hours and ways to sleep. There are some special pillows available that will not cause wrinkles on your face.
  4. Smile: Carrying smile to your face have no harm, even it can solve many problems. A smiling face always looks more attractive and beautiful. So carry smile on your face while interacting with others.
  5. Exercise: Add this to your routine. For healthy body and skin, exercise is the best source of energy. You will feel fresh for whole day after doing exercise in morning. You can do special exercise for maintaining your figure. Your body add a lot to your beautiful looks.

Of course ! it will take some time to feel beautiful and then look beautiful without makeup.

Enhancing your actual beauty: In addition to the tips shared in above section, you can take care of some basic things to enhance your beauty, So that you don’t need to go for makeup every time you want to go out and looking beautiful.

  1. Face Care: To look beautiful, a fresh looking and glowing face is the first thing. So take care of your face to look beautiful. Wash your face with warm water in morning to remove any oil came during night to your face. You can wash your face 3 to 4 times in day with simple water. Use face wash daily while washing your face during bath. You can use scrub once a day if you are going out in polluted and dust filled areas. Use only branded product from brands that you trust.
  2. Hair Care: Hair carry a heavy weightage in your beautiful looks. So shampoo your hairs on alternative day. You can use conditioner also after shampoo depend upon the hair type. For better hair style, you must have healthy hairs. Get the hair style that suit’s your face. You can get it from trained hair specialist.
  3. Eyebrows: Remove the any stray hairs from the eyebrows and keep them looking tidy. A well maintained eyebrows will be more striking and adding definition to your face features. Keep them well shaped.
  4. Lips: Little glossy lips looks more attractive. Use lip balm while going out in dry and cold weather. While going out you can use lip gloss also to make them little glossy. Kissable lips ! always good to have.
  5. Dental Hygiene: A smiling face can be much appreciated if you have a beautiful smile complemented with white and shinning teethes. Brush at least twice a day to have white teeth. Clean your tongue daily to avoid any bad breath. You can use mouthwash also to avoid bad breath.

Have a nice day ! Look beautiful without makeup !!



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