Latest Nail Art that makes Nail Look Sexy !!

Latest Nail Art !!

Your beautiful hands will look more attractive if you have applied nail polish with latest nail-art. Your nails will be center point of attraction just by applying the latest nail art that suits your attire. There are many new things coming day by day in beauty world. Girls are always running for new trends but are choosy as well at the same time. It is always recommended to try new idea for makeup and beauty tips but with right way. Follow your intuition and choose the right set of nail art for you.

Find here the Latest Nail Art Trends:

  1. Combination Nail-Art: Combination nail art as suggested by name, can be made by applying the two or more color nail paints. Make the simple design by applying the right set of color and in right proportion. If you are going with smoky makeup then best to go for black and aqua color. It will give your nails trendy look.

    Combination Color Nail Art
    Combination Color Nail Art

  1. Flower Power Nail-Art: Looking beautiful is good but to look beautiful & attractive, you have to go little more trendy. Flower Power Nail-Art is latest for this. You can wear the flower printed outfit to look more trendy with this nail art.
  2. Colour Magic Nail Art: You can apply the three or four color of nail paint at the same time. Apply the different color on different nail. you can use the five different color for all five fingers Or can go for three colors and continue the same on other hand as well.
  3. Trendy Dots Nail Art: Apply the nail paint of your choice and then apply the dots of nail paint with contrast color to make your nails look more attractive. This is easy to make and attractive as well. You can make this art of two fingers of each hand and keep the others simple without dots.

    Latest Nail-Art Black Color
    Latest Nail-Art Black Color

Nail-Art is the Art which some one can’t be master of in one day, so have patience and enjoy the journey to look beautiful, even more & more beautiful than the day before.

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