Beauty Tips for Office Makeup !

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A professional life is always full of challenges. Daily challenges handled with confidence will give better output. A competent and professional look will always be a complement to your confidence. Studies have shown that the women who wear professional office makeup to their offices are more likely to get promoted.

Basic Rules for Office Makeup !

Office makeup will be a little different from night party makeup. Bright lights in office will show up any flaw in your makeup.

Basic rules for office makeup:

  1. It should be long lasting, So that you don’t need to retouch it often during office hours.
  2. It should be less time consuming. It’s always good to be ready on time for office. It should take from 10 to 20 minutes at max.
  3. It should enhance your natural beauty and give you a professional look.
  4. Go for lights colors. Keep dark colors for night parties.
  5. It should make you feel comfortable.

Beauty Tips for Office Makeup !

Less makeup is always better for the workplace. Being natural is the best way, So use the beauty tips that give insight about being natural.

Too much glossy, flashy and heavy makeup is BIG BIG NO for office. Workplace is a professional place and you should try to keep it professional as much as possible, be it your attire, behavior, relations with colleagues Or even your makeup.

Beauty tips for office makeup:

  1. Clean Skin: Clean skin is the first thing that you should care about. Daily cleaning, exfoliation are the basics that you should incorporate in your daily routine.  Use good quality or your trusted brand’s cleanser.
  2. Natural: Your makeup should give you a natural look. Use a light foundation and concealer to evenly tone your face. You should enhance your natural features, not overshadow them.
  3. Eyes: During office, it’s better to start by sweeping a natural eye shadow color over your lids.  You can add a little eye liner in the corners of eyes. Brown or Black eye liner can be used depend upon your eyes and hairs color.
  4. Lips: If you prefer to emphasis your eyes over lips, then better to go for natural lips. You can go for a clear gloss or a light pink. If you
  5. Blush: All that you have to is to apply a little blush to our cheek apples. You could add some highlighter to emphasize your cheekbones too.
  6. Nails: Try to keep short and well manicured nails. Long nails are little hard to maintain while working in office. Mainly when you have to use key boards for writing mails. So file them properly and keep manageable nails.

Use these simple beauty tips for office makeup. We think you can look more professional and get better professional opportunities.



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