makeup tips for sexy lips

Beauty Tips for Makeup ! That Will Give Your Lips More Sexy Look !!

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Makeup Tips for Sexy Lips !

Makeup is an art that will change your looks ! It can be for face, eyes or lips. A correct way to apply makeup for lips will enhance sexiness of lips. It will change the way your face looks like, from a normal face to very sexy and glamorous one, just with the help of right makeup on lips.

Beauty tips for makeup of lips that will help to look your lips more sexy than before !

1. Artistic Way to Apply Lipstick:

The way you apply lipstick will a make a lot of difference in the final look of lips after that. Before applying lipstick, make sure your lips are well conditioned. Apply the lipstick to your bottom lip and then rub your lips together to apply the lipstick to your top lip. While applying the lipstick to bottom lip, make sure you don’t go outside your natural lip line.Dot more lipstick on your top and bottom lip to fill any gaps.

If you want your lipstick to last all day without wearing off, then use a lip primer on your lips before applying color.

2. Outline the Shape of Lips with Liner:

If you want your lips to turn heads when you attending the party, then it’s must to use liner. Use the liner carefully to outline the shape of your lips before you apply lipstick. Use the color of liner that matches with the color of lipstick you want to apply. Makeup tips for sexy lips include the idea of choosing the right colour of lipstick.

You can create a slight ombre effect by using liner a shade darker or lighter than the lipstick shade that you are using.

3. Add a Layer of Gloss:

Shinning lips are always more attractive. A layer of clear gloss will make your lips stand out even more. Gloss will add plenty of shine and also helps keep your lipstick in place. Apply the gloss after applying the lipstick to add shine.

Gloss is totally optional depend upon your preference to give your lips a shining or mate look.

4. Use Lipstick Color that Complement Your Complexion:

It’s very important to use the right color of lipstick that will complement to your complexion. You can choose the lipstick color depend upon the color of dress and type of jewelry that you are wearing for the party. Dark colors are always best but you can choose based upon your skin tone and dress for better looks.

Classic red and sweet pink are some of suggested colors for sexy look of lips.

5. Applying Two Shades:

Makeup tips for sexy lips is little tricky to apply, but it will pay off when you master it. Apply a slightly darker lipstick to the middle of lips. Then apply a slightly lighter lipstick to the outer ridges. This will give a classic look to your lips.

This will create a pout that looks like you are ready to give someone a kiss !

Remember these makeup tips for sexy lips !



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