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Do You Know the Actual Purpose of Applying Makeup ?

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Purpose of Makeup !!

Makeup is always a topic of discussion among ladies !

Every lady wants to go for makeup before going out for party or even while visiting friends, but very few knows the actual purpose of makeup. Good looking women use it for enhancement of their looks and others use it to look awesome. Makeup product range from lip balm to mascara to lipstick, are available in market, which women can use as per their requirement. [divider]

Here, we will share basic purpose of makeup. Some basic reasons to have makeup are:

  1. Makeup can be used to hide the dark circles around the eyes. Concealer can be used to reduce the darkness under the eyes.
  2. Makeup can enhance the pinkness of your cheeks. You can use blush to make your cheeks rosy. Blush can be used on cheek apple or cheek bone, depending upon your face structure type.
  3. Makeup is best to enhance the sexiness of your lips. Red lips with bold red lipstick looks more attractive.
  4. Simple Lip balm too can enhance the soft look of your lips. You can use the lip balm or lipstick in resonance with the crowd you are going at. A night club party may need some bright colour lipsticks and in a family gathering sober color may be preferred.
  5. Eyes are always used to say unsaid words and thoughts from ages !  So better to give them a sparkling look. Eye makeup includes mascara, eye liner, simple black kajol, etc. Use them to make your eyes attractive.
  6. Foundation should be used to make your skin smooth and perfect for makeup.
  7. Many women use makeup on face but leave the neck area unattended. That makes a separate tone on neck as compare to face, which look very odd. So always take care of the neck area as well.
  8. Good cared nails be looking more attractive when matching/contrast color of nail paint is applied. Use nail polish to give your nails perfect look. Purpose nail paint is to make them look attractive.
  9. Main purpose of makeup is to enhance the features of your face to make you look attractive. So use the makeup for the best feature that you have. And yes of-course, to cover-up your grey areas too!
  10. Other purpose of makeup is to reduce the impact of any dark spot, acne, mark on your face. Use the makeup to hide these unwanted marks on face as well.

Never try to create beauty with makeup but enhance your beauty with makeup!

Stay tuned for more beauty tips !



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