Beauty Tips : Daily Makeup Vs Party Time Makeup Tips

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Daily Makeup And Party Time Makeup Tips !!

There is a big difference between party time and daily makeup for going to office or market. Purpose of daily makeup is to enhance your natural beauty and make you look more confident but the purpose of the party makeup is to give you more bold looks.

Some basic makeup tips for office / daily and party time makeup are mentioned here:

Daily Makeup Tips:

  • Office or daily makeup should be always light. You should not make your lips look very bold. Use always lighter color tone of lipstick. Even occasionally you can go for dark shades as well.
  • Always use light and thin layer of foundation on face.
  • Eye makeup should be done as minimum as possible. Else simple black kajol is enough.Never go for mascara or glitters.
  • Rosy cheeks are good to show, but only up to the extend that it looks natural. Blush should be used to give natural pinkish look only.
  • Hair style should be as per your face. But always keep heavy looking hair style for parties.

Party Makeup Tips:

  • Party makeup should be bold.  Red lipstick or any other dark shade is must to have on lips for party makeup.
  • Eyes should be looking sparkling. Use mascara and eye liner as per your taste.
  • Rosy cheeks and blushing face always attract men. Turning their heads give immense pleasure, So use blush to get rosy and blushing cheeks.
  • Use jewellery as per your taste and occasion. This makes you perfect for party. For Traditional marriage parties, jewellery should be the motto.
  • Nail paint is must to have, before going to party. You can give it shining or mat look.
  • Little smile on face will make you look perfect and confident. Carry a smile on your face.

Simple difference between daily and party make-up is, party makeup should be more bold but daily makeup must be simple and lighter.

Stay tuned for more Beauty Tips and Makeup Tips !



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