Applying Blush to Cheekbones !!

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Applying blush to your cheekbones or apples of your cheeks will give your different outcome. Although it’s the thing of personal preference, but still your can use different for different times.

If you have strong cheekbones with a deep hollow in the cheeks, applying blush only to the apples’s softens the face and makes it less angular, while applying it only to the cheekbones reinforces the angles.

If you have round face, allying blush only along the cheekbones helps contour it and make it appear less round, while applying it only to the apples will reinforce the roundness.

Most of us don’t have super angular faces, so the cheekbone route is good one to take.

How to Apply Blush:

Apples:  Smile in the mirror so that your apples pop out. Then swirl the blush on top half of it. Make sure not to go too close to the nose and stay directly on the apple.

Cheekbones: Suck in your cheeks so that your cheekbones pop out. Sweep the blush along the top side of it. Make sure not to go too close to eyes and stay directly on the cheekbone.

TIPS to keep in mind while applying the blush:

After loading the brush with blush, don’t go directly to face. If it’s a powder blush, then first tap off the excess against the compact or against your counter-top. If it’s a cream blush, then better to first swirl it on the back of your hand to smooth it out and eliminate the excess.

If you want it to last for hours, use the both blush (Cream & Powder) ! Apply cream blush first, then apply the powder blush on top to set it.


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