10 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know About Makeup

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Beauty Tips ! will give you insight for looking beautiful with the help of the novel ways to apply makeup. Every girl is using the makeup, beauty treatment products, home remedies to look beautiful. To get more fruitful results, let’s have a look at some basic beauty tips here.


  1. It’s better to have a moisturized face and skin. So use the milk cleanser Or cream to wash your face. Creams are less drying than gels.
  2. The best time to apply the creams is after shower, as the skin has been de-oiled. Then the cream can go deep into skin and give better results for moisturizing.
  3. If after the busy schedule of complete day, you often find yourself too tired to wash your face at night, then keep makeup removing wipes in your night stand to prevent a runny mess.
  4. Hydrate your under-eye area with an eye cream to prevent puffiness.
  5. Use a facial exfoliater bi-weekly to get the dead skin removed. Makeup will look better on a clean skin.
  6. Always use trusted brand’s products. Better to check for FDA certification of the product.
  7. For makeup to stay longer, use a makeup sealing product like a setting spray.
  8. When you want to project an image of healthy and pink cheeks, you should use the cream blush on your cheeks.
  9. Always allow about two fingers from your nose to where blush starts.
  10. ” Don’t be too serious ! It’s only makeup !! “. Discuss with your friends about it. Try new products but from trusted brands only.



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