What is Taking Away the Softness and Pink Color of your Lips !

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Turning the Pink and soft lips into dark looking is not good. No one want to have black lips. Every girl wants to have naturally soft and pink colored lips that look sexy and attractive !

Almost every little baby have pink lips but with the age it will loose it’s pink color and softness. Main reason is daily diet that we are taking and the habits, mainly bad habits. These bad habits will not only effect the softness of lips but other body parts also.

To maintain the beauty of lips (pink color and softness), please take care of following things:

1. Say “NO” to Smoking:  Along with many other bad effects on human body like Cancer, nicotine also causes darkening of the lips. Lips discoloration will be caused by the smoking. So if your want to have the pink and soft lips, it’s the first and most important thing to say “NO” to smoking.

2. Drinking Less Coffee: This is the another cause of lips turning black and losing it’s pink color. Yes ! in today’s busy schedule, it’s must to get energy and coffee is good boost to get it in day time. But its better to reduce the consumption of the coffee. Taking less coffee helps to maintain the pink and soft lips.

3. Minimize the Sun Exposure: Sun light is the main source of light for us and gives us the vitamin D. In many countries people take the sun bath to get the sufficient sun light for body.  Depending upon the country in which you are, try to minimize the sun exposure or make it as limited as required. Always use lip balms that give SFP/UV protection. Always apply them before going in direct sun light to protect the pink and soft lips.

4. Use Trusted Products Only: It’s always good to have makeup while going out for parties and office. But remember to use only trusted products from trusted brands. Don’t try to use many brands or products in routine. Your lips are not test beds to test the new brands in routine.

5. Always Remove Lipstick/Makeup Before Going into Bed: It’s must to remove all your makeup before going into bed. Clean your lips and remove lipstick after reaching home from party. Use good quality cleanser for removing the lipstick from lips.

Stay tuned for more beauty tips for pink and soft lips !



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