Few tips to have and maintain Sexy Lips

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Sexy Lips are what every girl dreams of. Soft and Sexy Lips that simply ask to be kissed. Yes ! you can maintain sexiness of your lips by putting little extra effort.

These are natural beauty tips for keeping and maintaining sexy lips.

“A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear. And Sexy lips are best for that secret.”

No Biting:

If you want to maintain sexy look of your lips, then No Biting of lips. Try to avoid situations that lead you to biting your lips.

Although, a little bite on certain situations can be sexy !

No Licking:

Licking is not the solution for dry lips, although a lot of women think this. It could give you feeling that your lips are softer, but in a matter of seconds they will be even more dry than before.


Exfoliation is important for your lips to keep them soft. Do it once in two weeks. Try not to do it too often.Exfoliation can be done by many ways. The best one is with mixture of honey, sugar and olive oil. Apply it for 10 minutes and then rinse it.

Sun Protection:

As our skin requires protection from Sun and we do apply sunscreen to get protected from sun burn. In the similar way our sexy lips also require protection from sun. So apply lip balm with SPF 15. You can consult your doctor also for some special recommendation.

Lip Balm:

Lip Balm is good to protect your lips from dust and polluted environment. It will give your lips moisturize as well. It is good to use natural and organic lip balms. Those containing bee wax are best. Give your lips break and don’t use the balm daily. It’s best to not use it if you are going to stay at home for complete day once in a week.



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