Bye Bye ! Dry and Cracked Lips !!

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Dry and cracked lips are common during dry and cold weather. Dry Lips are common to have but cracked lips might be symptom of a more serious illness.  Cracked lips can be painful and unattractive. To get the soft lips back, you must have to take care and love your lips.

Are you avoiding to kiss your partner just because of dry and cracked lips !  Here is solution to dry and cracked lips.

Know the Cause:  Best way to cure anything is to know the cause and then treat that cause well. So better to do a little analysis of the problem. Ask yourself some basic questions to know the cause for dry lips.

Have your lips turned dry recently ? This may be due to weather change or your location if you are travelling.

Is the dryness caused by any medical reason or due to any specific medicine ?

Is this because of any product’s reaction that you used recently ?

Is this caused by any change in daily food / diet ?

Once you have checked and answered to yourself for above questions, then you will be able to treat your dry lips and kill the cause better.

Drink Plenty of Water:  Dry lips are the sign of dehydration in body. This is mainly caused by the less water and fluids intake. To get rid-off dry lips, it’s must to drink plenty of water. AT least 7 to 10 glass. Along with water, you can have fresh juices also. Fresh Juices are good for overall health.

Apply the Oils:  If the dryness is very severe and lips have cracks in them, then better to apply some oils on lips. Oils are good source of moisturizing. You can rub a little oil on your lips to get moisturized. You can use Olive Oil, Cocoa butter, Almond Oil to treat your dry lips.

Use Lip Balm & Milk Cream: Use lip balm to get your lips moisturized, on daily basis. You can use lip balm at lest 4 to 5 times in a day. It will protect your lips from pollution by creating a layer on lips. You can use milk cream also to get lips moisturized. Better to use the milk cream before going into bed.

Others:  Don’t use excessive beauty products, Specially when there is a problem of dry and cracked lips. Use as less makeup on lips, like lipstick and any other cosmetic products. You can also try to change your toothpaste for a while and observe the difference.

If the problem of dry and cracked lips still persists, then better to visit the doctor.


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