benefits of applying lip balm

Benefits of Applying Lip Balm

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benefits of Applying lip balm

Lips are one of the most attractive part of face. We take a lot of care of our facial beauty but ignore this. A gloss or stick are often used but balm is the forgotten friend and fails to receive our attention. Moisturized lips have endless benefits, like looking soft, attractive for Kissing and so on ! There are many others ways to get moisturized lips, like:  balanced diet, protection from direct sun light, pollution, harsh chemicals, etc but the most easy and simple way is to use lip balm. Before applying balm, you must be know the benefits of using lip balm.

As per experts, there are many benefits of using lip balm. We are sharing here some benefits for you to get more benefits from it.

  • No Dry & Chapped Looking Lips: First and most important benefit of using balm is that it takes away that disgusting look of dry & chapped lips. Dry & Chapped lips are unwanted and not welcomed. Balm moisturizes and takes away the dryness. Smooth and juicy lips are usually preferred by opposite sex! So use balm for having a marvelous kissing experience.
  • ADVICE: Use lip balm while going to bed, to get more benefit from it. Let it be there for whole night.
  • Soft and Smooth Canvas for Lip Color: Moisturized lips provide smooth and soft canvas for color. You can apply any colored lipstick. Even you can apply thin coat of lip balm before applying the lipstick. It makes the color shine more and gives a more juicy look to your lips.
  • SPF Protection: Some balm even come with SPF protection. So better to use them, while going out in direct sun light. In night, simple lip balm may be preferred.
  • Pinkish Color: Now a days, lip balms come with lighter colors,like pink. So if you are college going girl and can’t use lipstick, then it’s better to use the balm. It gives the pinkish looks as well as moisturizes them.
  • Easy to Apply: Biggest benefit of using lip-balm is the easiness of applying it. You can apply it in just half-a-minute. It comes in small stick shape which is very easy to carry in your purse. It hardly takes any space in your purse.

Have juicy and pinkish lips !

Stay tuned for more beauty tips !



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