Bible for Healthy life- Health care tips

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Healthy, beautiful and blissful life is all what everyone desires. You are fed up today with the daily office and house chores. All these have a devastating affect on your health. So for a healthy and beautiful life, one need to follow a strict schedule.  Here are few tips that we recommend for healthy life.

  1.  Get up early in the morning

morning beauty tips

Getting up early in the morning is the most stubborn thing! But you need to change your habit, if you want a healthy and beautiful life. The morning aura has much to Offer us. So we should feel the ‘positive’ vibes present in the morning and I promise that your life will be the best if you follow what we recommend. The rays coming from the arising sun are considered most sacred in the Ayurveda and Hindu mythology. Scientifically, Morning sunlight is the richest and free source of Vitamin D. In medieval India, children suffering from Jaundice were placed in early sunlight and this helped in curing them. So, we can see that the early sun rise has many benefits, which the lazy persons are missing.

2.  Go for a Morning Walk

morning beauty health tips

Like wise,  a morning walk can do wonders for you. The regular benefits  like weight-loss, physic-fitness, healthy body etc are well-known. But besides these you would be surprised to know that the morning walk has great affect on your skin. For a smooth, flawless and beautiful skin, the fresh morning air does wonders. The fresh air has a blooming affect. If you live near to seashore, then you have the natural healing pool. The ocean water and breeze can do wonders. A dip in ocean waters can cure the daily occurring irritating rashes and acne.

3.   Healthy Diet


Everybody is busy in their corporate life and no one have enough time for hygienic and healthy foods. I just request you to donate half an hour for your food and you could develop a healthy routine thereafter. The fast foods have ruined our lifestyle and the obesity and heart diseases are on the rise. First thing in the morning that you ought to do is- drink lot of water.  In the breakfast eat nutritious diet including green vegetables, oats, fruits, eggs and milk . Always remember the proverb- Breakfast like a king, Lunch like an ordinary man and dinne like a beggar. The healthy food has a cascading effect on your skin and health.  A healthy diet means that you will have flawless, smooth and beautiful skin and a disease free life. This is one of the best natural beauty tips that we can Offer.

Stay tuned for more such health and beauty tips!



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