5 Surprising Benefits Of Getting More Sleep

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We humans are working hard throughout the day, some are working hard in physical terms and others are working hard in terms of brain usage. Taking tough decisions for corporate houses, making financial decisions, thinking strategically for future plans, etc all are very hard working tasks in terms of brain usage. After working so hard our body needs rest to recover from the damage that it got while working hard. Best way to get rest and give time to body to recover from the losses that it got, is to go for sleep.

I sometimes wounder that GOD made it all very systematically. We all are working and then going for sleep. And that too is associated with day and night patterns. So it so automatic that even most of us can’t notice the importance of some major things, like sleeping is one from them.

[divider] There are many benefits that are proven medically as well with lot of supporting researches and studies. Here, I am sharing some personal observed benefits, of getting more sleep or adequate sleep, in a very simple way:

  1. Recovery of Losses to Body: While working we are getting tired and that shows that our body is not able to perform further due to lack  of energy and muscle fatigueness. So sleep is the best way to get that energy back. While sleeping, our body is getting recovered from losses that are due to working hard. Sleep gives time to relax the body and get it recharged again.
  2. Good Mood / Happy Mood: Getting proper sleep may not be giving you happiness but less sleep makes you unhappy for sure. Study done among working women show results that proper sleep makes you more happy and you are always in good and happy mood as compare to others who are not taking proper sleep.
  3. Better Sex Life: Not getting enough sleep lowers libido and can make people more likely to have sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. And sleep itself is restorative — it increases testosterone levels, which boosts sexual drive for both men and women.
  4. Better and Safer Driver: For better and safe driving, the driver must be able to concentrate on road while driving. But less sleep makes it very difficult to concentrate. Feeling sleepy makes you more lazy and also increases your response time on road. Driving while feeling sleepy is like driving drunk. Both are a common cause of serious injuries and in tests, sleep-deprived drivers perform like alcohol-impaired drivers.
  5. More Productive and Focused: Productivity comes from focusing and giving required inputs to the task, be it at home or work. The more tired you are, the harder it is to concentrate on something. Distraction can take a toll on both work and your personal life. Researchers say that “attention tasks appear to be particularly sensitive to sleep loss.” So if you want to focus — either on a job or a conversation — make sure to get some rest.

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