Beauty & Health Benefits of Tea !

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Green Tea has taken over whole of the world. Everybody is trying hard to introduce Green Tea in his daily routine. It is well known for its medicinal Benefits but, here we will highlight Beauty & Health Benefits of Green Tea.


  • Green Tea is a warehouse of benefits for skin. It contains anti-oxidants which help against free radicals that are responsible for aging. Thus a cup of Green Tea in a routine would make you look younger.
  • Green tea has anti-allergic properties and thus can help reduce symptoms of eczema. Health benefits are also visible while Green Tea’s use for tackling hay fever.
  • Green Tea is also effective against Sunburn and inflammatory wounds.


  • Drinking a cup of white tea a day could help reduce your risk of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Routine of White tea also helps in reducing wrinkles.

And here a special Beauty & Health Benefit of Green Tea from Novel Beauty Tips Team:
To add shine and luster to your hair, make a strong infusion of green tea. Allow it to cool and use it to coat hair thoroughly. Leave for 10 minutes, then shampoo as normal.
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