How to choose right Shampoo?

How to choose right Shampoo?

Choosing a right Shampoo  for your hair is the most difficult work. Every girl goes from one Shampoo to another thus testing a number of shampoos which have a drastic effect on her hair. So How to choose right Shampoo? Here, we will give you basic tips in deciding a shampoo for your hair.#choose right shampoo

As you know there are Oily Hair, Normal Hair and then dry hair types; So one must keep her hair typo in mind and then decide about the shampoo she wants to use.

choose right shampoo
choose right shampoo

Tips to Choose Right Shampoo:

  • For Oily Hair, Shampoos with detergents could  be used.  The extra rinsing Shampoos help in keeping a check on oily texture of the head.
  • For Dry Hair, a mild shampoo must be used. Its preferable to use organic/vegetative shampoos for such type of hairs. These have less impact on the Head scalp and nourishes the hair too.
  • For Normal Hair, a routine could be followed with any convenient Shampoo available at the market.
  • For Curly Hair, Moisturizing type of Shampoo works best. A protein rich hair shampoo is the best one( for kinky type)
  • If your hair are dyed, then it is advisable to use colour friendly Shampoos.#choose right shampoo
  • Wash your hair every alternate day with shampoo, that suits to your hair. excessive use of shampoo is not recommended.
  • Never Try to change shampoo too many times. Hopefully you have selected the right one as per your hair type.
  • Always read the details of ingredients before buying it. Buy it only if it does not contain anything that can cause allergy to your skin or hair.
  • Never get confused while choosing right shampoo. Go as per your requirement rather than the advertisements on TV. Choose right shampoo is an art, that can take some time to get master in it.


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