Healthy Hair Tips for Winters

Healthy Hair Tips for Winter Season !!

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Healthy Hair Tips for Winter Season

Hair care is must in every season, but when it comes to winters then it becomes more important. Hair need special attention same as other body parts. Dry season makes it tough for hair to look beautiful and stay healthy. To get healthy hair, we must keep up with the routine for hair care.

Let’s have a look at Healthy Hair Tips for Winter Season:

  1. Hot Oil Massage: Hot Oil Massage is must to have in your routine for healthy hair. Hair Care tips are not complete without hot oil massage, specially in winters. When we say hot oil, it means warm oil;  not hot. So please take care of it. You can use coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil, olive oil etc for the same. Do the oil massage on scalp and hairs. You will notice the good results after a week.  It will take away the dryness and give a silky look to your hair.
  2. Say “NO” to Hot Water: Use warm water for hair wash in winters. Using very hot water for hair wash is not good for hair. Healthy and beautiful hair will shine only if their shine is not taken away by hot water. So the best Healthy Hair Tips for Winters is to avoid hot water for hair wash.
  3. Let the Hair Dry: In winters,  hair takes time to dry after wash / shampoo. So give it time if you really care for healthy hair. Try to avoid the use of hair dryer often, and let the hair get dry naturally. Do not knot the wet hair.
  4. Use  shampoos having least chemical ingredients. Try using shampoos of vegetative origin.

Stay tuned for more healthy hair tips for winters and other seasons as well.



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