Hair Products Might Be Ruining Your Skin

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Hair products that you are using in routine might be harmful for your skin. You can notice this by yourself !

Some alcohol and salt-laden based hair products, like hair spray, can cause dryness to your hands when your hands come in touch with hair. Some experts have done research on the subject and learnt that there are many ways that hair products can mess with your skin. You must be surprised to see this !

love your hair
love your hair

Pomade: “Hair pomade can block pores, causing blackheads, especially along the hairline ” says Skin Specialist. If you are prone to blackouts at forehead, you may have to avoid using pomade too close to your skin.It is still fine to use it towards the end of your strands. “Pomade = Pimples”

Hair Spray: “Spray and Gels can cause direct irritation to scalp, resulting in redness and flaking ” says hair expert.  If you want to use hair spray then better to look for alcohol free formulas, which are less drying. Hair Spray = Dryness”

Oils + Bangs: Bangs are good at hiding forehead breakouts, but they could also be causing them. Oil in hair can also cause blackouts. So try to avoid them as much as possible.Oils + Bangs = Clogged Pores”

Hair Dye: Hair dye and bleach can be harsh, specially to sensitive skin. But the other major concern is that hair dye can cause some serious allergy reactions.  So it’s better to avoid chemical based hair dyes and use only henna based or natural color formula based hair dyes. Hair Dye=Irritation + Allergy”

“Take care of your skin while loving your hair !”

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