hair care tips for rainy season

Hair Care Tips for Rainy Season

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Hair Care Tips for Rainy Season !!

Rainy Season is best to get relaxed and enjoy the natural beauty of Nature. It gets greenery everywhere with the new plants, small trees growing day by day, which gives feels of relaxation and happiness. When it gives a lot of happiness to mood, at the same time it takes little more efforts to keep yourself healthy in rainy season. So talking about the beauty and makeup in rainy season, it is importantĀ to be healthy first.

Specially for Hair Care, you have to be more conscious as the hair will be always in touch of weather. Here we will share tips for hair care that will be helpful to keep your hair healthy in rainy season.

Hair Care Tips for Rainy Season:

  1. Use the shampoo from trusted brands only, and never change the shampoo in these days. Keep using the same shampoo that you are using earlier. Because changing weather is already making hard time for hair to be healthy, and by changing shampoo may not be good at this time.
  2. Wash hair regularly with shampoo and especially if they get wet in rain, then wash them immediately after that. Use the mild shampoos. Smooth Keratin Shampoo is suggested by many hair stylists.
  3. Dry your hair properly after wash. Keeping them wet is unhealthy. It may lead to hair-fall.
  4. Never try too many hair styles in this season. If you are found to change the style regularly, and too often, then take a break from it for some time.
  5. Use conditioner after shampoo. It is good to keep them silky and healthy.
  6. Avoid to tie-up too tight.
  7. Some well known hair stylists suggested in their hair care tips to not use the gel and other styling products in rainy season. Best is to avoid chemical based hair products in this season.
  8. Massage the hair roots with oil (coconut Or olive oil) at least once in a week. For best results cover them after oiling with towel at least for 10 to 30 minutes.
  9. For healthy hair, increase intake of proteins in your diet.
  10. Better to keep umbrella with you so that you can protect your hair from rain.

Hair care tips are beneficial if you use these regularly.

Stay tuned for more beauty tipsĀ & makeup tips !



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