Hair Care for Faster Growth with Natural Way !

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When it comes to your looks, your hair style has a major contribution in your selfie. Just imagine  yourself without your hairs and then you can better understand the importance of the same. Healthy hairs can be taken care with some natural ways at home itself.


Scalp Massage with Oil

Hair growth starts from the scalp. So for better hair growth and healthy hairs, its must to have a gentle massage to your scalp. A scalp massage will increase blood flow to the scalp and will enhance the strength of hair roots. Doing the massage with nutrient-rich oil will give you double benefits for hair growth. You can do it twice a week, but let it be once in a week if you have oily roots.

From centuries, Rosemary oil has been used for better hair growth. You can dilute the oil by mixing it with another oil, like Olive or Coconut. Use this mixture for scalp massage for healthy and faster hair growth.



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