Home made tips: Feet Scrubs for smooth and nourishing skin

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You are here because you are fed-up with dry, sore and cracked heels. Here are few home made tips to pamper your feet with and feel your feet getting the new make-over of smooth and nourishing skin 

1. Lime and mint scrub: All you need for this exfoliating scrub are a handful of mint leaves, sugar, two spoons of olive oil and a lime. Wash and blend mint leaves with a small amount of lime juice. Add sugar, olive oil and mix well. Top it off with some lime zest and apply it your feet after a shower.

2. Strawberry scrub: With strawberries in the season, make a foot scrub out of this fruit that you can store for the future months too. Mash a dozen strawberries, sea salt and two spoons of olive oil till it becomes a chunky mixture.

3. Honey scrub: Combine one cup of brown sugar with equal amounts of honey and two spoons of almond oil. Mix until all the lumps are removed to make thick paste. Massage your feet, using this scrub, in circular motion and concentrate on the rough spots. Moreover, you can even use this scrub for your hands.

4. Oatmeal scrub: Oatmeal helps to clean the pores of your feet. To make this scrub, grind oatmeal into fine flakes and add them to equal amounts of sugar. Add two spoons of aloe vera gel, honey as well as almond oil and mix till it turns into a paste. After using this scrub, nourish your feet with a foot cream.

5. Chocolate scrub: Did you know that chocolate can even be a great moisturiser when used in a foot scrub? Mix half-a-cup of white and brown sugar with equal amounts of cocoa powder. Add one-fourth cup of coconut oil to thicken the consistency of the mixture. Besides scrubbing your feet, you can even use this paste in water as a foot soak.



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