Hand and Feet Beauty Tips

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There are many people with shiny skin and glossy hair, but their hands and feet are totally unkempt. So, we need to groom ourselves from top to toe. Shabby hands and feet are a blemish on the whole personality.

Hand care

Wash with a non-soap cleanser and use light moisturiser (oil-free) in summer. For thick palms, salicylic acid ointment (3-5%) is usually the best. Vaseline, liquid paraffin, also helps the nails in becoming disease-free. For health of nails, protein is preferred rather than calcium. If there is any problem in the nails, a dermatologist should be consulted as nail diseases are chronic and require prolonged treatment. Use of sunscreen lotion over the dorsal part of the hand helps and if there is any pigmentation, lightening cream at night is helpful.

Feet Care

Washing with a strong soap, as skin is very thick here, helps. Try luke-warm saline soaks Рthat is putting two tea-spoonful of salt in a litre of lukewarm water. For thick skin (hyperkeratotic), instead of saline, NaHCO3 is put in the same proportion. If the heels or sides of feet are very thick, pumice stone can be used. For corns and calluses, first soften with a corn tape and then do cryotherapy. Usually people have fungus between the toe clefts especially lateral toe clefts, so anti-fungal cream or dusting powder is useful. For smelly feet, KMnO4 wash or condy’s compresses are the rule. That is putting a very few grains of KMnO4, which is a very good antiseptic in a litre of water, making the colour light pink and washing feet once a day. KMnO4 has to be freshly made everyday. Once it turns magenta, it gets oxidised and is no longer effective. Toe nails usually have fungus in about 30% of the general population. It is called Onchomycosis. For that, anti-fungals creams should be started as early as possible



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