5 Tips for Beautiful Hands

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5 Hand Care Beauty Tips

With the nail art picking up the show, everybody is there to show off her hands and nails. Have beautiful hands with the following great 5 tips that we provide u ladies with.

  • Try to avoid the more clearer cleanser as the clearer the cleanser, the more it may dry out your skin. And be careful with soaps that contain the harsh chemical triclosan. Instead search for naturally antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus or Honey.

  • 2. Avoid icy and too hot water¬†

    Hot water makes the skin dry. The basic logic behind it is that it takes away sebum thus leading to dry hands. And yes, be aware of icy water too! It can cause constriction and then a dilation of capillary vessels which may in turn lead to redness.

  • Moisture must be absorbed into your skin. And for this we recommend you to lubricating your hands with oils. Above mentioned lube oil is one of the excellent oils available in the market. Check the Amazon link below.

The nail care looks best with proper cuticles. If the cuticles are dry and hard, then any Hand care would look worse.And if you cut your cuticles, that may bean invitation to infection. Exfoliate hands with a body scrub, then nip only hangnails that you can wiggle. Use other softener as mentioned in the related posts on this website.

Hands like face can wrinkle and spot. Thus always use sunscreen lotion to protect it from extremities.



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