Beauty Tips:- End of all face care problems!

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Lets admit it, we all have tried out hard with different combinations of skincare routines that have sometimes worked but mostly failed. However, once in a while we stick in on something that works – long term.  Here’s that stuff which you would love to hang on- Lakme’s Fresh Fairness ritual, After a few weeks of regular lakme ritual, it left our skin feeling as good as new.

The Lakmé Fresh Fairness Pack

An easy-to-use professional clean- up pack, we’ve used this to do away with dead and dull skin, remove any hint of that leftover summer tan and reveal healthy looking skin. Here are the steps to follow for the Lakme Pack:

Step 1– Lakme’s Fresh Fairness Face Wash

How do you use it? Squeeze a small amount (coin sized amount) on your palm, massage it into your skin for a minute and rinse off.

How does it help?

You skin is prepared for a deep cleansing experience by removing visible dirt and impurities. The Glycerin and vitabeeds leaves your skin clean, fresh and bright.

Step 2 – Lakme’s Fresh Fairness Face Scrub

How do you use it?
Squeeze out a appropriate amount of the face scrub to cover your face and neck focusing on the problem areas such as your t-zone. Then massage it for few minutes; rinse  and pat dry.

How does it help?

Scrubs are basically what?, they just exfoliate the dead skin cells and also gets rid of the excessive oil on your skin. The enrichment of vitabead, walnut shell powder and apricot extracts help it unclog pores and get rid of blackheads. Thus it restores the skin’s fairness and smoothness.

Step 3 – Lakme’s Fresh Fairness Face Mask

How do you use it?
Apply a thin film on your face and neck and leave on for seven-to-eight  minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

How does it help?

And now you want your skin to glow like anything, here it is-The Lakmé Fresh Fairness Glow Mask.  It’s nourishing nutrients battle uneven skintone, the clay in the mask adds to its absorbing power to tighten pores and lock in essential vitamins while the glycerin content soothes your skin to give it a natural bounce.



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